Fifty Shades Darker

Super weird to release a teaser trailer for a movie that 1) doesn’t have a director, 2) hasn’t even entered pre-production, and 3) just saw the release of the first film only four months ago. Basically it is just Jamie Dornan standing there looking like the empty shell of a human being that Christian Grey was in Fifty Shades of Grey. HARD PASS.

Irrational Man

There is an ebb and flow to Woody Allen releases – he has two or so mediocre entries then one fantastic entry. For example, we got the great Vicky Christina Barcelona, but had to endure Whatever Works and You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger before we got Midnight in Paris, arguably his best films since Husbands and Wives. Well, it has only been one film since Blue Jasmine, so…TENTATIVE PASS.

The Last Witch Hunter

Some movies are just not for me, and this fantasy, battle-the-underworld crap is just useless. HARD PASS.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Two weeks until this bad boy comes out and I couldn’t be more pumped for a movie. Easily one of the most anticipated on the year, the visuals in these trailers are what gets my gears turning. I’ll be heartbroken if this disappoints. I’M IN.

Ted 2

The first one was mildly funny, which is my reaction to most of Seth MacFarlane’s stuff, so I’m never going to be sold completely on this sequel. The porn bit at the end is pretty funny, but again, not sold. Probably wait until this goes VOD. NOT SURE.