Everything in Mad Max: Fury Road is on point: the chase sequences (aka the entire movie) are bonkers, the cinematography is awe-inspiring, Tom Hardy plays a wonderful second-fiddle to Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, and the wackiness of it all is so refreshing and unrelenting you’ll feel like you need a cigarette after watching it. It doesn’t sit there and dwell on motivations, backstories, nor does it attempt to setup a sequel – this film is just concerned with kicking your mind’s ass for 120 minutes. Mad Max: Fury Road has more excitement packed into it’s two hours than all of the top grossing summer action movies in the last decade combined, and I truly mean that. An absolutely necessary action film at a time when we desperately needed it, Mad Max: Fury Road is a middle finger to the convoluted, overly-serious summer blockbusters of today’s Hollywood. Director George Miller has done something that I had thought was impossible: he made the action film fun again, and for that you should throw all of your available cash at him.