“Tour de Space” was presented in the “Dear MKE” shorts program at the Milwaukee Film Festival on October 9, 2014. I will be reviewing each short – most under five minutes in length – and gauging whether they are worthy of expansion into a longer-form short or feature.

It wouldn’t be a Milwaukee-centric film program without a piece on architecture, andĀ Tour de SpaceĀ follows Chris Socha as he steps into buildings he’s designed and explains what makes Milwaukee unique, as well as how it is evolving. Socha is a captivating subject with a soft voice and an earnest belief that the city he lives and works in is blossoming before our eyes. Director Blyth Meier, who also happens to be the Marketing Director of the Milwaukee Film Festival, does an adequate job of framing Chris in these spaces, but often times her camera is a bit too cute and busy. I’d appreciate a longer program revolving around this subject and all he is doing to make Milwaukee the next big American city.