Starting today and occurring every week, I highlight some of the newest trailers from upcoming films. Obviously, with a little bit of commentary. But you expected that, didn’t you?

Area 51

The latest found-footage film from the creator of the Paranormal Activity series, this looks like more of the same except for a house and a demon it’s the famously-secretive military base and aliens. PASS.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I don’t know – it was kind of underwhelming. It’s a good premise but director Zack Snyder has the subtlety of a jackhammer so I don’t have high hopes for this thing. And we get it…Superman is like Jesus. TENTATIVE PASS.

Black Mass

Boy, that’s a lot of actors and the story of Whitey Bulger is quite the subject, but I think people are probably going to come out of this saying that The Departed did the story better. In any case, I’m a sucker for true crime movies, so…I’M IN.

Ex Machina

I love the premise and the heat this one has going for it, but the trailer was silly with all the quotes from Google execs and Elon Musk. I’ll be happy when they try to sell this movie on its own without bringing the whole world in on it. I’M IN.

Fantastic Four

I actually preferred the last trailer to this one because I can already see elements that I’ll eventually despise. I love the look of everyone in the film though, so Josh Trank did a good job there between his tantrums. NOT SURE.

Jurassic World

The most extended look at the action in the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise has me so worried. That dialogue is horrible and it seems like they are recycling a lot of old premises. But good-guy raptors and park visitors getting eaten by a variety of dinosaurs? I’M IN.

Mr. Holmes

Finally, a Sherlock Holmes movie that doesn’t make me want to punch every member of the cast. Sir Ian McKellen is a perfect choice for an aging Holmes and early word is that it is quite good, and somewhat moving. I’M IN.


I’m so not jazzed about this movie. No matter what amount of footage they show me, I just can’t get excited about it. PASS.

The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan is still getting people to give him money for movies, and the latest sucker are the guys behind the Insidious franchise. This looks like your typical mediocre horror story we’ve come to expect from Hollywood, but I’m sure with Shyamalan behind the wheel, it will be a terrific trainwreck. PASS.