News about documentaries centering around George A. Romero and his Living Dead films is a near yearly occurrence.  Most of them never come to fruition, even when the presented materials seem worthy of release.  I try not to get my hopes up about these documentaries, but Birth of the Living Dead (kind of a lazy name, but whatever) looks pretty promising.

Backed by a fairly prominent documentary distributor, First Run Features, Birth of the Living Dead appears to be a nice mixture of history, theory, and a bit of flair.  According to the synopsis, this new documentary doesn’t get bogged down in the life of Romero, but instead focuses on his first film, Night of the Living Dead.

The trailer is in the post above, so check it out.  Also shuffle over to their website for more information.  I’ll be trying to procure a copy or find a screening as soon as possible.  Then I’ll report back.