“Build Moto” was presented in the “Dear MKE” shorts program at the Milwaukee Film Festival on October 9, 2014. I will be reviewing each short – most under five minutes in length – and gauging whether they are worthy of expansion into a longer-form short or feature.

If there is a short most worthy of expansion, it is probably Matt Mixon’s Build Moto. The Running Rebels, a team consisting of at-risk youths and talented motorcycle builders, are tasked with taking a decrepit cycle and turn it into, not only a road worthy vehicle, but a winning bike. In 100 days. I had never heard of this program, but once I saw these kids using blowtorches and donning welding masks, I craved more. Again, here’s filmmaker Matt Mixon capturing the project, but looking through it and into the futures of these teenagers, and the result was fantastic.